How much are lessons?

Lessons range depending on the time. $40 for 30mins and $50 for a full hour lesson. We also provide a 10 lesson beginner package for $400. Find out more here.

Where in Geelong do you teach lessons?

We have a home-based studio that is set up for multiple instruments and recording. Our studio is located on Coppards Road in Whittington, just outside of Geelong.

Can I have the lesson at my home?

No, all lessons are taught from our home studio. This is for safety and insurance. 

Do you offer group lessons?

We only offer one-on-one sessions to ensure the student is not being held back or left behind by the rest of the class. We find students improve faster, enjoy the instrument more, and gain more confidence as a result If you would like to learn an instrument with a friend or sibling, this is more than ok.

Do I need my own instrument?

No initially no, we have spare instruments for our students. We have amps, guitar and drum kits set up. If you are serious about learning music then at some time you should consider buying your own equipment but coming and using our student gear might help you see if learning and instrument if for you without outlaying any large costs. We can always advice you on what instruments would be best for you to purchase depending on your budget and musical goals.

Is homework required?

If you want to get the most from your lessons, it’s always best if you put some time into practising. There are no tests so we don’t look at it as homework just playing. Once you learn the basics it will be fun. And the more you learn the more enjoyable it becomes.

What happens if I can’t make it to a lesson?

That’s more than fine, cancelations happen. If you can let us know 24hours in advance we simply postpone the lesson and allow you to book in for another date. If you do not let us know in time, we reserve the right to charge you for half of the lesson costs.

Do I need to know how to read music?

Not at all, in some situations you might not need to learn to read music at all. Our goal is to get you up and playing and then find the right path for you. We will tailor our lessons to your needs.

Am I too old to learn music?

No, never. Music is fun for all ages. There are huge benefits to learning something new. Come and give it a shot, see if you enjoy it. 

Is there a minimum age?

We teach guitar to students from the age of 10 to adult.

Do I need to stay in the lesson with my child?

Not at all, it’s totally up to you and your child. You are welcome to stay in any lesson. With younger children, we find it best if you come along for the first few lessons until your child is confident and happy. 

What do I do next?

If you would like to book in an introduction lesson visit the booking page. All you do is find the next suitable time and book in. If those times are suited to you and you want to return, we can reserver that space for you. If you do have more questions, you can reach out on our enquiry page.

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