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10 - Week Beginner Course

We offer a complete beginners package, this is designed for someone who has no experience with the guitar, for a student who can not play a single chord. Over 10 weeks we take you through a journey from total beginner to being comfortable with the guitar and knowing how to play a selection of songs.

Recommended Guitar: The course can be completed on either acoustic or electric. We have spare guitars so you do not have your own guitar you can use one of ours to get started.

Duration: 10 weeks – 45 minutes per lesson, with 15 minutes practise per day.

Price: $400 (can be paid weekly).

The 10-week course has been developed for students that want to master the basics of guitar, without any prior knowledge at all.

I am a firm believer in getting students to learn actual songs, as early as possible. So each week you will learn a popular song, each one a gradual development from the last. By the end of week 10, you will confidently be able to play a whole host of well known strummable songs.

The course takes you through everything you will need to get you up and running on guitar, from tuning and posture to basic scales and strumming patterns. 

What's covered:

Over the 10 weeks, we cover a range of exercises, techniques and even learn a few songs. The course allows students to take it at their own pace, we want this to be enjoyable for everyone. For fast learners, we will learn additional songs and practice more advanced skills, honing your technique.

The 10-week course covers the following:

  • How to hold the guitar, sitting and standing with the correct posture
  • How to tune the guitar, with and without the help of apps or tuners
  • How to read guitar tablature for notes and chords
  • Strumming patterns and Rhythm exercises
  • Simple warm-up exercises
  • The standard introduction “open string” chords
  • Chord progressions and changing chords while strumming
  • An introduction to lead guitar
  • Simple scales and finger exercises
  • Up to 6 easy to play songs based on the music you like (or popular classics)
  • Plus a load more

What Happens Next

Once finished the course, you will be at a position where you can choose to carry on with lessons and take your guitar playing even further or go it alone and using the skills you have learned, get on your own path to furthering your musicianship.

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